In Brief, We Offer

Short Server Power Cables with standard and IEC plugs in lengths from 1 to 4 feet.

Short Network Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cables in 0.5 to 150 foot lengths. Available in gray, white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple.


Short Server Power Cables

A Simple Solution to Organizing Server Cabinet Power Clutter
(Power Cables, Network Cables, UPS and more!)

Standard cable ends shown below. 515P - C13 - C14 - C19 - C20

515P C13C14C19 C20

For those interested, there are code ratings for the various plugs and the maximum amps permitted for each as follows:

For a given cable, the lowest rated plug end is the rating of the cable assembly. The plug end can be rated for more amps than the receptacle or outlet end and not initiate a risk or code problem. However the plug end should never be rated lower amps than the receptacle or outlet end as that would allow a device to draw more current than the cable assembly is rated for.

Network Cables

UPS Systems

Miscellaneous Items

You might be surprised of all the offerings related to computer and IT infrastructure support. We're a leading supplier of high efficiency high performance UPS from small single phase UPS to MW systems. Our founder is a registered professional engineer that has been designing data center systems for over 30 years. We supply server cabinets and other technical furniture. Our relationships with manufacturers brings everyday items like switches, patch panels, web cams, monitoring systems and so on. We have used equipment available at times for further cost savings. If you need other items in the computer support area just email us or note it in the comment section of the price request form. We always happy to assist our customers.